anti-corona running-league

16. March 2020 until
31. August 2020
Virtual event

Anti-Corona Running League

We – your Tricamp coaches and larasch – are probably just as perplexed as you about the impact of the current corona crisis on our daily life. It is still hard to grasp the full extend of the situation.
Necessarily, many races and competitions for the upcoming weeks have been canceled. There is no doubt that taking care of everyone’s health is more important than competing in major sport events and racing the crowd.
However, from a perspective of passioned sportsmen, the situation leaves us with a sad feeling. Therefore, we yould like to offer you a chance to prove your running shape, to challenge yourself and to compare your performance to others. That’s the idea and purpose of our „Anti-Corona Running League“.
You virtually attend the league and compete against other runners. There is a single ranking for each race weekend and an overall league ranking. In order to qualify for the overall league ranking, you have to run and upload at least 4 out of 6 races.

Well, start your watch and enjoy racing!


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