41. Volkswandertag von Immingerode 2021

06. June 2021
Lower Saxony
Hint: This event is based on the dates of last years event. It might occur that dates, registration periods or fees vary. If you know exact information about this event please contact us via mail info@larasch.de.
TSV Immingerode
Contest coordination
Rainer Nowak
Phone: 05527/71854
Email: Rainer-Nowak1@gmx.de
Sportplatz, 37115 Immingerode, Deutschland
6km Volkswandertag
07:00 o'clock (06.06.2021)
Icon Run Run 6,00 km
nur Wandern
12km Volkswandertag
07:00 o'clock (06.06.2021)
Icon Run Run 12,00 km
nur Wandern

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