Rewe Team Challenge Dresden 2020

25. May 2020 until
28. June 2020
Virtual Event

The status of this event is uncertain. At the moment we do not have any details whether the event can take place or not. You will find further information on the organizers website.

Laufszene Events GmbH, Strehlener Straße 14, 01069 Dresden
Contest coordination
Laufszene Sachsen
Phone: 0351 4174589
Kulturpalast Dresden / Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion Dresden, 01067 Dresden, Deutschland
5 km Team Challenge
18:30 o'clock (25.05.2020)
Registration until:
Fee (in €):
Late registration
Icon Run Run 5,00 km
Start auf dem Altmarkt, Ziel im DDV-Stadion

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