6. Efzewiesenlauf Homberg 2021

05. September 2021
Homberg Efze
Hint: This event is based on the event dates of the previous years. Current dates, registration periods or fees may vary. If you know valid and exact information about this particular event, please contact us via email info@larasch.de.
Hans-Jürgen Dunkel
Race director and contact information
Hans-Jürgen Dunkel

Email: info@efzewiesenlauf-homberg.de
Bahnhofstraße, 34576 Homberg Efze, Deutschland
Altersklassenlauf-6 km
10:00 o'clock (05.09.2021)
Icon Run Run 6,00 km
Ab 18 Jahren 4€.
Altersklassenlauf-10 km
11:00 o'clock (05.09.2021)
Icon Run Run 10,00 km
Ab 18 Jahren 4€.
Jugend 1500m
09:20 o'clock (05.09.2021)
Icon Run Run 1,50 km
Bambini 350m
09:00 o'clock (05.09.2021)
Icon Run Run 0,35 km

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